Philippe Rossignol

Philippe Rossignol

Real estate agent in Caumont-sur-Durance (84510)

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300 m²
Sale building of 300 m² in Avignon .
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57 m²
Sale apartment of 57 m² in Carpentras with elevator, air conditioning, parking : 2 rooms, 1 bedroom.
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97 m²
Sale house/villa of 97 m² in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue with terraces, air conditioning : 5 rooms, 4 bedrooms.
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93 m²
Sale apartment of 93 m² in Avignon : 4 rooms, 3 bedrooms.
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82 m²
Sale house/villa of 82 m² in Cavaillon : 4 rooms, 3 bedrooms.
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116 m²
Sale house/villa of 116 m² in Caumont-sur-Durance with swimming pool, fireplace, terraces : 5 rooms, 4 bedrooms.
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187 m²
Sale house/villa of 187 m² in Le Pontet with terraces, air conditioning : 6 rooms, 4 bedrooms.
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59 m²
Sale apartment of 59 m² in Avignon with cellar : 3 rooms.
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72 m²
Sale house/villa of 72 m² in Avignon with terraces : 4 rooms, 3 bedrooms.
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80 m²
Sale building of 80 m² in Saint-Laurent-de-Carnols .
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About me

Hello, my name is Philippe Rossignol and I am an independent real estate agent at iad France.

I work as real estate agent in Caumont-Sur-Durance. I know this sector and its particularities very well. Every day, I practice my profession as an independent real estate agent in Caumont-Sur-Durance with passion and conviction.

Price per square meter, area, apartment or house, desired locations - all this information is essential to know when you're planning a real estate transaction. It will help you define your real estate project precisely. Thanks to my role as a real estate agent in Caumont-Sur-Durance, I can provide you with tailored and personalized support that will help you to have as much information as possible before you decide to buy or sell your property.

You'll benefit from my daily support in your search for your future acquisition. I can also offer you my network and experience as an iad real estate agent in the geographical area where you wish to settle.

As an independent real estate agent, I am free to manage my own schedule. I can therefore be easily available in Caumont-Sur-Durance and the surrounding area, and be at your side at every stage of your real estate project if you feel the need.

Whether you're buying or selling property in Caumont-Sur-Durance, I'll be happy to advise you on all the practical aspects of your project.

Contact me, your real estate agent in Caumont-Sur-Durance.

Why choose an iad real estate agent in Caumont-Sur-Durance?

You benefit from the support of one of the market's leading local networks. iad France is a network has been bringing together independent real estate agents in France and Europe for over 15 years. We put our expertise and professionalism at your service!

iad France offers you thousands of competent real estate agents close to you, especially in Caumont-Sur-Durance. We are committed to respecting a regulated framework, which enhances our credibility and guarantees the quality of our services.

Property consultant: independent contractor registered with the register of commercial agents (RSAC) of AVIGNON no 801041161.

Latest customer reviews

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Mise en vente
"Excellent professionnel à recommander"
"Philippe a su faire une estimation à son juste prix de notre bien immobilier lors de sa 1ere visite le 26 mars 2022. Résultat des courses : premières visites de 2 acheteuses potentielles 48 heures après, signature du compromis chez le notaire le 11 avril 2022 pour une vente effective le 08 juillet suivant. Choisir Philippe ROSSIGNOL comme mandataire immobilier c'est faire le choix de la rapidité et de l'efficacité !"
"Très réactif"
"Philippe est professionnel et il assure un bon suivi de la transaction."

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